Roland Bleiker (University of Queensland)

Hi Robbie

Yes, great to meet up again, even only virtually this time (I was at the excellent seminar you gave in our school last year, but had to dash off before the subsequent social function ).  And your thoughts below certainly ring a bell.  I am, to be honest, not particularly interested in the disciplinary politics of IR: I prefer to look into research puzzles and use whatever is useful for me – different conceptual traditions of a western and non-western nature.  But I am, at times, rather puzzled buy the type of exclusive discourse developing around so-called critical/post scholars, people who ‘do,’ say, Foucault or Deleuze. There is an entire politics around what it means to do these thinkers properly and, indeed, as you say, the non-west is mostly absent from this.

Morgan and I are planning to push our work in this direction – we both are inspired and draw from western sources, including Foucault and Deleuze, but also want to draw much more on other traditions.  So, I was wondering, can I forward your comments to him.  And, yes, it would be great to have a bit of a community of scholars who are thinking through these issue – and we might, then, organically develop this or that project out of it.


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