Martin Weber (University of Queensland)

Dear Robbie,
Thank you for sending this out, and for getting the ball rolling!!!! You know my sentiments and thoughts on this constellation, which is an affliction more than anything else for the ‘critical leftfield’, as you so aptly put it.

So, A) Yes, I feel this is actually extremely important, and particularly what you say about exploring connectivities. Whether this means putting Fanon and Deleuze (and their respective acolytes) into a conversation, or whether this means finding other idioms and narratives to do this in and through, is, I think, a mute point. Once people get into this seriously, there ought to be a whole range of possibilities, previously unvisited…

B) Yes, absolutely, and echoing the sentiment about ‘output’….

C) Practically, I’d want to help trying to organize and secure funding forworkshops, meetings, etc., and to support this in any other way possible ornecessary. Conceptually, I’ve been bothered with the ‘decolonial’ blindnesses of ‘immanent critique’, while remaining somewhat intrigued by the possibility of the latter. Connectivity, dialogue, and the continuation of a ‘critical leftfield’ would mean for me a two-pronged move, involving on the one hand a reconstructive critique of how so much of what’s ‘left’ moved so easily into a Nietzschean heritage (and I count Deleuze there, too, despite other trends in his work), without becoming troubled by the ‘aristocratic’ (if not to say ‘domineering’) tendencies in that frame. On the other hand, it would mean engaging the ‘theories’ which have claimed partisanship on behalf of the ‘dominated’ to speak to the lived life-experiences in much more sustained manner, including revisiting and rethinking the question of the Œlimits of theory¹. I can¹t think of any more important intellectual projectŠ.


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