Giorgio Shani (International Christian University, Tokyo)

The project sounds fantastic. My only reservation would be why Deleuze? A more ambitious project would be to look at Fanon’s influence on French poststructuralism. We could try to reclaim the postcolonial roots of postructuralism as Pal Alhuwalia is doing but that may be stretching it a bit with Deleuze since he wasn’t from Algeria (but must have been politicized by the war) like Derrida et al.

Like you, I also read Marx, Althusser and particularly Gramsci through what would now be called post-colonial (although I prefer post-western or your de-colonial because we can never be ‘post-colonial’ given the cultural hegemony enjoyed by ideas which were appropriated by the “west”) lenses and see a clear link with Fanon. Foucault, as you know, can be read in different ways (like everyone else) but the absence of a clear, coherent political project with both Foucault and Deleuze makes his (ab)use in postcolonial theory all the more pernicious.

Perhaps an engagement with Lacan, given Fanon’s psychoanalytic (or was it psychiatric) training, may be more profitable place to start and then we could bring in Deleuze’s work with Guattari. Certainly, Deleuze was influenced by both Lacan and Fanon but we don’t know to what degree.

Anyhow, as to your questions:

a) you find this of importance/interest? YES
b) would you want to be a part of it in some way? YES
c) if yes, what would your vision of it be (content, issues, organization, remit, scope etc)?
The key issues should be:
1) Fanon’s influence on French post-structuralism
2) How a Fanonized post-structuralism can contest the hegemony of conventional
territorialized, Eurocentric, masculinized discourses of IR.
d) who else do you think would be interested in this?
Apart from those I suspect you’ve already contacted (Siba, Mustapha, Naeem,Sanjay,
Anna etc), Pal Alhuwalia, Lily Ling and Achille Mbembe (but I only know his work and don’t
know if he’ll be interested)

A good way to start would be organize a roundtable through GDS for Montreal.
Hope this helps.




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