George Lawson (LSE)

Looks great man – really great.

I’m actually quite jealous that you’ve found something that really drives you in this way. I can see how it connects to the stuff you’ve been doing but also takes it on – I’m sure it’s going to be super-productive intellectually.

I get the Fanon side straight away, less so Deleuze. Instinctively, I’d be more Foucault and less Derrida/Deleuze in terms of the project you’re talking about, but perhaps I just haven’t got my head around the 2 D’s sufficiently. I also don’t quite get the de-vanguard thing, although again – maybe I just haven’t thought quite enough about it yet.

All in all, though, I’m with you man – decolonising IR: absofuckinglootly. Where do I sign up? And where do you want to go from here? I wouldn’t shy away from outputs – a statement of intent in International Political Sociology would be a good start, maybe a forum in Millennium. I’m just chatting with Gurminder about putting on some HS panels at the BSA conference next year (big anniversary event at LSE) – so if you fancy that … Plus there’s our BISA mob of course – that might be cool. Just let me know what you’re thinking …


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