Foucault / post-colonial etc. Social Identities new issue


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  1. thanks Robbie

    It’s a wee bit interesting that Glissant didn’t have a prob with Deleuze but Spivak ( I could be all wrong here) does but the whole point of concept in Deleuze is that it is there to be used – there is no Deleuzean lens as such – no offence but some of the postcolonials seem to think that just cos Deleuze didn’t privilege anyone in particular that somehow that reverts to a privileged European privileged position – that’s bullshit – he makes that very clear – there is a Deleuzean theory of the subject and t’other – methinks people getting set positions from others – I’m reading as much Glissant/Fanon as I can but I’m guessing less go through anti-oedipus 3 or 4 times to get the idea.

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